When people find out that we own an optical, we hear stories about both negative and positive experiences with their glasses. Some think they don’t need to wear glasses all the time. Others say that the shop they bought from charged too much. On the other hand, we’ve had people put on glasses for the first time and cry when they could see. One man went years of his life knowing that grass was green but it wasn’t until he got his first pair of glasses that he saw the individual blades.

Maybe being in the industry has made us appreciate our vision so much. Maybe it’s because we love the beauty in the details of everything around us. Some people choose to not wear their glasses. They believe they’re seeing just fine even after being told they need vision correction. They’ve lived this long without glasses and been fine. But how much more could they experience if they wore a good pair?

Your best friend could be walking across the street but you didn’t wave back because you couldn’t make out her face. You missed your exit because you couldn’t see the street sign. A hummingbird just stopped for a brief second in front of your face but it just looked like a blur. Or worse, someone could get hurt because you were driving without your glasses. These are just a few examples of how wearing your glasses can make a huge difference.

It’s true that a good pair can be expensive and some places will charge much more than others. However, some patients have left our shop knowing the doctor told them they needed glasses, and drive off in expensive cars. Others have left without a pair they legally need while behind the wheel. Again, you don’t know what you’re not seeing until you can see it. Maybe it’s about priorities. But, when you can’t see, you put yourself and possibly others at risk. We’ve worked with many people on a budget, and will continue to do so to ensure you can see.

Vision should never be taken for granted. We take that into consideration every time we work with a patient. Sure fashion plays a small role in deciding which pair of glasses you choose. But, over the last few years especially, that seems to be the main concern. We’re more worried that you’re seeing what you need to see, that you’re happy with your glasses, and you’ll keep wearing them.

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