Our lenses are finished in house and we’ll help you choose the material that best fits your needs. With over 40 years of experience, our family run optical lab makes glasses with unmatched quality and value.

From the over sized glasses we made for Harry Carey, to a pair of sleek Silhouettes with transition lenses, we can make something you’ll love. Our expertise helps provide you with the perfect option that fits your lifestyle and prescription whether you wear glasses or contact lenses.

Types of Lenses


Single Vision: These are for distance only or reading only.

Bifocal: These are for distance and reading and usually have a line in it.

Progressive: Multifocal lenses that are blended into the lens so there is no line.

Occupational: For special tasks. These vary and are not designed to be used all day but are work specific.

Material Options


CR-39 (Plastic)

Polycarbonate or Trivex: Used for safety, these are a great choice for children and for extra eye protection on the job or in your favorite sport. U/V and S/G  are built into them.

High Index: Available in 1.60, 1.67, 1.74 these are thinner lens materials.

Scratch guard (S/G): Pretty self-explanatory and sometimes is included with some materials although other optical stores may charge extra to warranty the lenses. If we make your lenses and it is included in the material ,we will honor the manufacturer’s warranty. Basic S/G coatings come with one year warranty, premium coatings come with two years.

Ultraviolet protection (UV): Ultraviolet light comes from the sun. Too much exposure to UV light can cause damage to your eyes and can lead to the formation of cataracts later in life. A UV coating can be added to basic plastic lenses but all other lens material have this built into the lens.

Anti-Reflection or No-Glare (A/R): We are hit with glare from all around, computer screens, cell phones, LED lighting and car headlights. There are many types of A/R lenses and coatings. They all reduce glare but some are more scratch resistant, hydrophobic and smudge resistant. Basic A/R lenses come with a one year warranty and you may need to clean them more often. More premium A/R lenses have a much stronger S/G and repel dirt and water. They have a two year warranty.

Tint: There is a wide variety of color tints available. Yes if you want to see the world though rose color glasses we can make them for you. You can also have a Solid or Gradient tint. Any pair of glass can be made into sunglasses and you can customize your look.

Photochromic: Lenses that adapt to light and UV. These are available in a range of options, colors and materials. When activated the lens goes from clear or slight tint to a darker color. How dark depends on the environment and the type of photochromic lens. They come in basic, extra active and polarized.

Polarized: If you think of light like sound waves vibrating all around you. We have light rays entering our eyes in all directions. Polarized lenses only allow light to enter your eyes in one directions instead. This reduces a large amount of glare. It shrink that blinding sun reflected off the car in front of you. You can see rainbows better and it takes away the bright reflection on the water and allows you to see into the water. Polarized lenses come usually come in gray, brown, and G-15 colors but are also available in other specialty colors. They also include U/V and S/G and are available in all lens materials.

*Adjusting or edging new lenses into a customer’s own frame is done at the customer’s own risk and lenses must be paid for out of pocket. We will not work with vision insurance on a customer’s frame.