Ladies, we’d like to start this off by saying, you’re beautiful. And we understand that it takes time to get ready for the hustle and bustle of the day. Maybe you’re one of the lucky women who actually does “wake up like this”. But, if you go through the precise process of makeup application, it’s important to also remove it with time and care – especially around the eyes. And sure, that smokey look does make for a nice effect, but if the eye shadow is expired, replace it. Stack all of this with wearing contact lenses and you’ll really want to be extra careful.

Product care
Shopping for makeup can be fun, there are tons of color options, intricate looking tools and brushes, and plenty of brands to choose from. But, not every product is created equal. Jane Iredale and Bare Minerals are two that we recommend for their high quality ingredients. Check them out to see what kind of difference your eyes can experience.

You should also put as much care into removing the products as you do applying them. Makeup removers such as eye wipes are a good place to start. Try to stay away from anything that has fragrance as those may cause irritation. Free and clear products are the best bet, especially if you have wide eyes. 

Supply replenishment
When you buy groceries, you always check the expiration dates – makeup is no different. Buying new makeup regularly is a good practice. One tip we received was writing down the expiration date on a piece of tape and sticking it to the bottom of the product. Most items come in boxes that get tossed out upon opening. When it comes to liquid eyeliners, a good target date range to replace them is about 3 months from opening. 

Contact lens wearers
Always put on your contact lenses prior to makeup application, and remove them before makeup removal. When applying, be cautious not to get your contact lenses contaminated by beauty products like mascara to avoid potential irritation or infection. Keep your contact lenses away from products like perfumes, nail polish, and nail polish remover. These can damage the plastic material that contacts are made from. If they do get anything on them, the best practice is to just get a new pair of contacts.

Take away
In the meantime, it’s a great idea to have a nice pair of glasses as a back-up plan. Not only are they handy if a contact lens gets lost or dirty, but they can also make a great fashion statement. Furthermore, if you do get an eye infection and use contacts, you’ll want to wear your glasses and throw those contact lenses away. Replace them with a new pair when your eyes have completely cleared up. This is important for everyone, not just ladies.

Hey, you can skip the makeup altogether and let your natural beauty shine through. Just like giving your eyes a break by not wearing your contacts all the time is a good idea. So remember to keep good quality products on your vanity, put time and care into removing makeup, and always consider the health of your eyes. 


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