Its OK to admit that it’s nice standing out and catching the eyes of other people. Fashion and eyewear go hand-in-hand when it comes to making a statement about yourself. One of the best ways to do that is with customization *watch our video here*. We get a lot of people in our store looking for the latest look from different brands of sunglasses, but what many haven’t considered is breaking free from the “traditional” sunglasses and following their own taste. Of course not all frames can be made into a nice pair of shades, however if it’s Rx-able, we can usually make it happen. The options are pretty limitless with the types of lenses, frame materials, shapes, and styles that are out there.

Protective yet stylish
Likely the first thing that people notice in a pair of glasses are the lenses. Rightfully so, as that’s why you’re wearing them in the first place. Maybe they can see their own reflection coming off the blue mirrors. Maybe they noticed how the lenses went from clear to dark in just a few seconds. Or there may even be two different gradient colors that shield your eyes from top to bottom. The interesting part about any of these options is that they can all be made to protect your eyes even more with polarized lens options. This is a huge benefit since no matter what your style is, you’ll be ensuring the best level of glare defense from the sun.

Shaping your look
Along with the variety of tastes out there, we can’t ignore the types of materials used in eyewear. The two main options are plastic and metal frames. They each have their advantages. Plastic frames can be a statement piece available in a wide variety of shapes and bold colors. With plastic frames you’ll sometimes see wider temples and bridges as well, which can help keep the sun from getting into your eyes.

Metal frames often feature more durability, flexibility and can be much lighter, constructed in either stainless steal, titanium, surgical steel or a mixture of metals. They also offer a sleeker look with options such as semi-rimless or completely rimless designs. A frame made from these materials usually has thinner temples and bridges but because they are usually lighter in weight, can be a more comfortable frame to wear all day in the sun. Bonus on the thinner temple is they can be easier to slide into a full face motorcycle helmet.

Matching your lifestyle
Whether you’re an avid bike rider, a weekend beach volleyball player or you just want to read a book by the pool, there are different frames and lens options that will work better for your active lifestyle. We’ve personally tested options while bike riding, playing volleyball and tennis or taking our motorcycles out for a weekend. Some sunglasses work better than others.

Be you
There’s a lot out there to choose from when deciding how you want to express yourself with your sunglasses. Custom made designs don’t even have to come from a frame that was originally a pair of sunglasses. Come in and talk through what you like best, or if you’d like some insight into what’s available we are happy to help with that too. Don’t let name brands be the only thing you look for when deciding how your shades should look. It’s good to stand out.

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