When we think of throwing on a pair of glasses we typically conjure specific contexts like reading or protecting our eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays. What we often forget is that our eyes are constantly being bombarded by artificial light. Night driving is a big culprit for this. When you’re on the road at night your precious peepers contend with streetlights, high-res billboards, and a straight-up assaulting array of headlights from oncoming traffic.  Don’t forget the reflections of light bouncing off the ice and snow. Let’s take a look at what you can do to combat this obnoxious and hazardous issue. 

Night Driving Glasses

Carrots aren’t the only thing you need to help improve your night vision. Certain lenses designed specifically for night driving can help immensely by keeping the harsh glare from lights where they belong (out of your sight!). These lenses are often tinted with soft amber-like colors to help make it easier for you to focus on the road. Anti-reflective (AR) lenses are a great add-on for your glasses, and with so many AR coatings to choose from, we’d be happy to help you find the best choice to fit your needs. 

Eat Well

Everything about our bodies–including our eyes–always goes back to nutrition. While there are many components that go into maintaining healthy vision, good eating habits can help immensely. The old adage about carrots is a great one to keep in mind, but did you know that sweet potatoes actually contain more beta carotene and Vitamin A than carrots? Meanwhile, kale packs more lutein and zeaxanthin per punch than a bowl of spinach? The bottom line is that it’s important to regularly reassess your food routines to make sure your night vision is in peak performance. 

Take Care of Your Lenses

The nature of certain prescriptions mean you will not see as well at night. So it’s important to wear your glasses and that your Rx is current. Remember, these are your tools for seeing everything around you, clearly. Also, scratched lenses may not seem like the end of the world, they can make glares worse. Glare can hinder your night vision and even cause headaches. It’s hard enough to see everything at night, don’t let wear and tear make things worse. If you notice pesky scratches on your lenses, now is the perfect time to come see us for a new pair.