The world introduces us to new technology at such a rate that it can be difficult to keep up with. We all know about the next big phones and computers, but what about eyewear? This isn’t something that everyone needs to be thinking about right now, but for many people the innovations made to lenses can make a world of difference. Being able to try out the latest in lens tech is a great way for us at Prism Optical Chicago to help decide the best options for your vision. 

Exciting Technology
One such new type of lens we’ve gotten the chance to test out is the OASYS with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology. We were very excited about these contact lenses after seeing the advertisement for them. In this video, we can see the contact lenses transition from clear to dark just like a standard pair of Transition lenses in opthalmic frames. This seems ideal for athletes to take advantage of as opposed to sunglasses that can fall off their faces, however you sacrifice having protection for comfort. But in an open field, running around in the sun, do these contacts truly make the difference? 

Our Trial Run
After donning a pair and taking a peak in the mirror, they felt just like any other contact lens. They were comfortable, and easy to apply. They’re also just as clear as a standard lens. Once outside, we found the sunniest part of the yard to stand in for testing how quickly they change. And they changed fast. Although they had darkened, after taking a few minutes to glance around the area, it still seemed a bit bright. And after about twenty minutes, reaching for shades felt more and more necessary. When running around the yard, personally, the best option is a pair of sports sunglasses.

Prism’s Recommendation
This isn’t to say that the contact lenses don’t work – far from it. In our opinion and that of a few patients, the Transitions Contact Lenses seem to be more of a novelty. They darken, and if you have light eyes they’ll definitely stand out, but only the pupil and iris are covered. When it comes to giving recommendations to our patients, you can never go wrong with the complete UV protection from a good pair of sunglasses – especially if you wear polarized lenses. 

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