Look, we totally get the hype surrounding new, hip, and globally-recognized eyewear retailers like Warby Parker. They’re young. They’re innovative. They wear skinny jeans with expensive sneakers. And hey, they’re smart. But here’s the thing: They’re also incredibly cheap (their product, that is). Ever wonder exactly how companies like Warby and Ambr are able to offer such sick deals on their frames? It’s easy: Almost everything is outsourced.

The Prism Difference

In a nutshell, the ideas are good, but the actual product–the thing you’re spending your hard-earned paycheck on–is basic quality. That’s exactly where we shine. Each and every one of our frames are hand-selected by us. Our lenses our edged to perfection in house by our own skilled technicians. We work with local suppliers and trusted brands to procure and perfect quality products.

Prism Puts You First

The craziest part about this? There’s no hitch. Our prices are not significantly higher than the cheap frames from China. In fact, some of our prices are even lower. Of course, we also have designer brands that cost a bit more–but they’re all 100 percent authentic. At the end of the day, it truly just depends on what you’re looking for. Heck, we’re happy to sell you frames from China (we do keep plenty of low-priced options in stock), but we also want to spend time with you no matter how big or small your budget might be. As long as you’re happy with your frame.

Prism Shows You More for Less

Call us suckers, but we started this business back in 1991 because we really wanted to help people see the world as clear as they possibly could see it. Almost three decades later, we’re still in it for the same reason. We want to make it easy for you, and anyone else who stumbles upon our Chicago neighborhood shop, to keep your vision in check. Having an on-site lab technician means we can help you determine which prescriptive lenses will best suit your needs. Already have an eye doc of your own? You can bring your prescription straight to us and we’ll spend as much time as you need to select the right frames for your particular style.

The Prism Start

Owned and operated by Jorge Zuniga and Darlene Becerra, Prism Optical opened in 1991, on the southside of Chicago. The husband-and-wife team has been offering locals everything they need to maintain healthy vision through eye exams, eyeglasses and contacts. After just five years in business, Jorge and Darlene relocated the shop to Old Irving Park, with a motivating factor of being closer to their kids’ school. The optical has been in operation at this location ever since.

Services Prism Provides

We offer everything from eye exams, eyewear selection, and fit adjustments. Behind our storefront is a high-tech in-house lab. Here, Jorge repairs frames, edges and tints lenses, and fills orders for other opticals in Chicago. Unlike at Warby, once our customers pick their frame, they don’t have to wait for it to go out to a lab and have lenses made – Prism does that on sight.

Not only has Prism helped locals find the best pair of glasses to meet their needs, but we’ve also made glasses for some of Hollywood’s greatest actors. A few of them include Dan Aykroyd, Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston. Our lab was also responsible for the occasional upkeep of the Chicago Cubs iconic sportscaster, Harry Carey.

Ultimately, Prism Optical’s goal as a Chicago eyewear shop is to ensure that every customer who comes in leaves satisfied with their experience, whether it’s for sunglasses, reading glasses, or a quick fit adjustment. Being a local optical, we care about your needs and what will be best for your vision. Don’t expect us to get you sorted and out the door. Prism Optical is there for you. So come on in and find out how you can see more for less.

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