We’ve all been there: putting our mask on to go out only to fog up the lenses with every breath and now that the weather is getting colder it’s will be worse. Foggy lenses can be annoying as well as unsafe. But, why do our lenses fog up?

“Misting” of lenses happens when warm water vapor from your breath lands on your cooler lenses.

Here are 7 ways to prevent foggy lenses while wearing a mask:

1. Wash your lenses with soapy water

Before slipping on a face mask, wash your glasses or sunglasses lenses with soapy water, using a mild dish soap and shake off the excess moisture. Then, let your glasses air dry or gently dry the lenses with a clean microfiber cloth.

Using this method, the lenses shouldn’t fog up once you put on the mask and glasses. Why? Cleaning the lenses with soapy water leaves a thin film that reduces the “inherent surface tension” and prods the water molecules to form a transparent layer.

To avoid damage, don’t clean your lenses with products like Windex, baby shampoo, toothpaste or shaving cream.

2. Seal the mask

A common trick employed by doctors involves sticking a piece of double-sided tape across the bridge of the nose before putting on a mask. There are also many products across the internet right now that are made with this concept in mind.

3. Buy anti-fogging lenses

For some, this may seem like a waste of money but, for the many of us that deal with this on a daily and/or seasonal basis, this may be the best option.

Eye Kraft has band new Fog Free lenses that doesn’t require the upkeep of drops or sprays like other anti-fogging lenses. Check out their website or contact us for more information!

4. Use defogging products

Swimmers and scuba divers use defogging sprays to stop build up in their goggles. But, be cautious, as these sprays often contain chemicals. Make sure to check reviews and ingredients before buying.

5. Use a Kleenex

Sometimes, you just have to bring out your inner MacGyver and get creative.

Take a Kleenex and fold it horizontally; put it between your face and the top of your mask—so it sits over the bridge of your nose— the moisture from your breath will be absorbed by the tissue instead of hitting your glasses.

You may feel silly but, just remember, you have a mask on and no one can see what’s going on behind there!

6. Get a moldable mask

This may seem like an obvious answer but, when you are making or purchasing a mask, make sure it can be molded to your nose! If you have a bunch of masks without bridges that mold and you are NOT about to buy brand new ones, you can buy metal and plastic nose bridges on Amazon* that stick right to your mask!

*Please note: this is more of a temporary fix and will have to be removed and discarded before cleaning and throughout the use of your mask as the sticky backs are only good for so long.

7. Move the mask up

This is my favorite quick and dirty way to prevent fogging fast!

Pull the top of your mask fairly high on the bridge of your nose and let it sit below your eyes (this is going to feel really weird). Then, let your glasses sit on top of the mask and VOILA!
It’s going to look like your mask is about to cover your eyes but, when you’re in a pinch and desperate, this is my favorite go to.

Have other ideas and solutions? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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